Do you give much thought about the various kinds of hot tub filters available and what your options are?

Darlly offer three main types of filters. In addition to our standard filter, we offer the Silverstream antimicrobial filter and the SaniStream in-line dosing filter.

Standard Filters – This is the largest range of filters from the largest filter manufacturer in the world. The filter is a robust very high-quality media suitable for nearly all applications of hot tubs & swim spas.  Find Them Here


Silverstream Filters – Our Darlly Silverstream range of filters have a similar filter material to the standard range of filters but with the additional benefit of Silver-Ion technology Antimicrobial Protection. The material is impregnated with Silver-Ion technology to help inhibit the growth of bacteria. It also offers increased filter life, a cleaner filter, no mould growth, fewer odours and fewer cleaning times. The Darlly Silverstream filter material is a distinctive blue colour to help differentiate it from standard filters.  Find Them Here


SaniStream Filters – The same filter material as the standard filter but with the added benefit of Darlly Europe’s revolutionary SaniStream® Direct Line Filtration system. This is a new and unique technology which combines the world’s finest hot tub filters with a safe, convenient and effective sanitiser dispenser (DL815 SpaPod) to give an integrated spa water treatment system. SaniStream® is suitable for domestic hot tubs and also allows compliance with Section 76 of HSG282 regulations for hot tubs installed in holiday let units. Find Them Here


Follow the links below to our YouTube videos to discover more about using SaniStream filters and SpaPods:-

SaniStream Video

SaniStream User Guide

Inline Chemical Dosing Page

Don’t forget your Darlly Duck to complement your filters!

Let your Darlly Duck free float around in your hot tub or place in the pool skimmer. When one side is dirty, flip it over. Depending on the saturation, it may be rinsed and re-used. The duck helps prevent a scum line forming and eliminates the need to scrub the acrylic shell of your hot tub, absorbing up to 40 times its weight in oils, lotions and cosmetics reducing contaminants from clogging the filter. 


Happy Hot Tubbing!

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