"‘Monstrous rates’ for freight continue to rise due to Covid-19, Brexit and the Suez Canal blockage. . ." quote Institute of Export and Trade

As you will know, global shipping costs have increased by more than fourfold over the past year.

According to The Institute of Export and Trade, this is due to a combination if Covid-19, Brexit, Container shortages in Asia and South America, and the Suez crisis last month. You can read more about it here - Read More

This increase is from $3,500 to $16,000 for a 40ft container. We are advised that these costs could continue to increase.

We have absorbed these escalating costs until now, and we will continue to absorb half the increase.

However, from the 1st June we are now obliged to share the pain, so while these costs remain at this extraordinary level, we will add a shipping levy to our invoices.

This levy will be added to the shipping charge on our invoices at 5% of the gross value of the invoice.

We will continue to review these prices and will withdraw the levy as soon as we are able.

We appreciate your understanding in such unprecedented times and thank you for your loyal custom