You no doubt will have heard about, perhaps already experienced, the current container crisis, which obviously has been compounded by last weeks Suez canal blockage. 

Delays in containers were already running into months due to the Covid/Brexit/Container shortage at the new year that we all experienced and last week's crisis, which comes at a time when hot tubs, parts and spares demand has grown to almost 300% on 2019 sales, just about completes the ‘Perfect Storm’.

We currently have 18 containers in production and/or on their way to us.

We have some containers arriving next week which were due with us in January. 

As you will also have read in the trade press the shipment cost of these containers has increased dramatically. 

As a result of last weeks Suez problems we have been booking over-land train container shipments, which although costlier can get stock to us in 17 days rather than the current 6 weeks. However, bookings for these are still with a 4 week lead time. 

This is a bit of good news, which makes a change in our industry at the moment. The other bit of good news you will be reading about very shortly is we are setting up a fully owned subsidiary within the European Union (as soon as possible). Which will remove entirely the border problems presented to us by Brexit. 

Here is our current Top 12 filter availability for new orders, backorders are in the process this week; please check back here for further updates. 

SC702 - Mid May

SC704 - Mid April

SC705 - OK Now

SC706 - Mid April

SC708 - OK `now

SC714 - Mid April

SC720 - Mid April

SC730 - Mid May

SC757 - Mid May

DL714 - OK Now

DL815 - OK Now