Darlly Europe - No Borders

We never wanted any borders between the UK and the EU, and we still don't. So we are announcing our new EU logistic partnership with Spa Plus for Carton Orders.

In order to ensure there is no difference between now and pre 31 December 2020 ensuring faster deliveries, no administration fees, and no tariffs we have partnered with Spa Plus BV in The Netherlands to handle all of our carton orders directly to you. 

There will be no extra costs, delivery will actually be cheaper and faster as we remove the bureaucratic formalities that would be if delivered from the UK. You just simply send us the orders as you have always done. 

And you will pay exactly the same prices as you do now. 

You will be billed by Spa Plus. 

Pallet orders will be shipped from our new operation through Van der Heidjen in The Netherlands which is hoping to become operational in late April. 

All orders, paperwork and administration will continue to be handled from within the UK. 

How Will It Work?

1) If you currently purchase pallets from Darlly in the UK then, from end of April, this will continue as normal but will be shipped from Van der Heidjen in Eindhoven. 

This will remove all border checks, delays and tariffs. 

2) If you currently do not buy pallets but instead purchase single cartons ( up to 6 cartons) then your orders can still be sent directly to us BUT we will have Spa Plus fulfil the order and they will bill you directly. Or you can purchase directly from Spa Plus as we understand many of you presently do anyway.

You will pay exactly the same price as you do from us. However, for many of our customers, this service should prove to be economically and financially a better option, as your delivery costs should be reduced, and you may receive them quicker also as well as the fact Spa Plus supply all aspects of spare parts and accessories including covers, cover lifters, spa steps etc., etc.,

We thank all our European customers for their continued support and hope your friends, families and colleagues are all safe and well and we look forward very much to continue working with you throughout the future. 

If you have any questions about any of this please do not hesitate to contact us at gil@darllyeurope.com or info@darllyeurope.com

Best Regards

Team Darlly