Enjoyment of the hot tub experience is most definitely enhanced by clear clean water.

Knowing common contaminants and how they can enter the water can help us to understand the reasoning behind the need for high quality filtration and water care.


The way filters work is quite simple. Dirty or contaminated water is pumped through the filter which then collects dirt, body oils and debris from the flow, the dirt is trapped within the filter and the filtered water is returned to the hot tub.


Without a filter, the water would soon become contaminated with contaminants from the environment (dust, leaves, insects etc) and from the hot tub users (Sunscreen, tanning products, make-up, deodorant, body oils, dirt, hair etc).

Without efficient filtration, these contaminants would soon build up to a critical level in the water. If left unaddressed, the bathing water can become cloudy and algae growth is a possibility. This can upset the balance of the water and chemical usage increases in trying to deal with the problem, which in turn hastens water saturation where the chemicals cease to be effective. As a result, the water can then become damaging to the hot tub mechanicals and/or affect the surface feel of the hot tub moulding.


In addition to the range of standard filters, Darlly also manufacture Darlly Silverstream filters in which the filter media is impregnated with silver ion particles which help to reduce bacteria both suspended in the water and also collected by the filter. 


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Happy Hot Tubbing! 


The Darlly Team