Our filters last a season. . . not a week. 

All of our inflatable filters are built with tri-lobal polyester media, that does not tear, does not fray and can be washed over and over. Darlly inflatable filters will last you for months not just a few days or weeks. Our research has found our inflatable filters will last four to five times longer than a normal inflatable filter. 

They can withstand the harsh environments of acid ( ph minus ) chlorine and bromine. 

Whatsmore, unlike the paper filters that come standard with your Intex, Lazy spa or Cleverspa the flow rates that are allowed to run through the filter means your jets will remain more powerful for longer. 

Due to the superior manufacturing process the pleats in your Darlly filter will not tear or bunch meaning chemicals in your inflatable spa will be far more effective and catching dirt, bacteria and oily substances will be done at an optimal level. 

At the end of the day you end up paying a lot less for clean, clear and fresh water in your hot tub, It makes so much sense.


Happy Hot Tubbing!

The Darlly Team