The filter should first be inspected to check that the filter material is not damaged, ripped or torn. If the filter material is damaged or compromised in any way, the filter should be replaced. In this condition, it will not filter the water efficiently or effectively.


Particles and debris trapped by the filter will remain in the filter until removed by thorough cleaning. Dirty filters will easily lead to restricted flow and flow related errors.

An effective method to remove dirt and debris from pleated filters is to use the Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner (SC785) filter cartridge cleaner which easily attaches to any standard garden hose.

Step 1

Start by turning all the jets off on the hot tub.

Step 2

Carefully remove the filter from the filter housing without letting any of the debris back into the main chamber of the spa. 

Step 3

Move the filter near a drain/away from the tub. Attach the Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner to the hose and push the bristles into the pleats of the filter. Move the bristles up and down whilst pressing the trigger to wash out all the unwanted deposits. This will remove a large proportion of the deposits filtered out of the water.

Step 4

The filters should then be soaked overnight in a cleaning solution such as our Darlly Filter Cartridge Cleaner (SC796). Follow the simple instructions on the packaging to mix the solution. This can be mixed in a bucket and the filter(s) should then be submerged in the solution and to left to soak overnight for deep cleaning.

Step 5

After removing from the solution, a thorough wash with a garden hose will complete the procedure before the filters are left to dry before use.


A thoroughly cleaned filter will provide more efficient filtration than a poorly cleaned one. 

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