Darlly filters are manufactured to the highest standard and use a tough resilient filtration media designed and specified to provide a long service life.

Material efficiently filtered from the hot tub water will build up within the pleats of the filter fabric, restricting flow and filtration capacity.

Often, the hot tub display will indicate a flow error if there is a flow restriction within the system. In this case, the easiest and first item to check is the filtration. Visually inspect the filters for a build-up of matter within the pleats. If there is build-up make sure to clean the filter thoroughly.

Inspect the fabric of the filter media for complete integrity, checking carefully for any damage, rips, tears or holes that will allow unfiltered water to flow freely through the filter fabric. A damaged filter should be replaced as it is no longer providing the required level of filtration. If there is a hole or tear in the fabric the water can bypass the filter and render it useless.

Over time, repeated or unsympathetic cleaning can cause the filter to lose its efficiency and require replacement. This can also be seen by pleats sticking together and being out of place. 

The filter end caps can also fade over time giving an indication that the filters have been in use for quite some time and although the fading does not affect the efficiency of the filter, the possible build up of difficult-to-remove debris deep in the pleats almost certainly will and replacement should be considered.

Remember, a quality Darlly filter will help to maintain your hot tub water quality, considerably enhancing your hot tub experience and enjoyment 

Use our website to read about different types of filter and to locate your nearest Darlly supplier.

At Darlly we would recommend to change your filter every 12 months, this will help prolong the life of your hot tub and improve spa efficiency.

Happy Hot Tubbing!

The Darlly Team